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November 17, 2015

Archived: Preliminary Customer Survey Results for NSW Workers Compensation System

Minister for Finance, Services and Property Dominic Perrottet today announced the preliminary results of a comprehensive survey of injured workers focusing on their experiences with the NSW workers compensation system.

Minister Perrottet said early feedback from respondents showed the majority of workers felt the main issues with the system were a lack of case manager support and a need for better access to information.

“Injured workers are the number one priority for the workers compensation scheme and this survey was about understanding what we can do to make it better for them,” Minister Perrottet said.

“While some injured workers have had positive experiences, we can see many are concerned about better information and timely communication, financial support for medical services and retraining, and being supported by their employer and insurer.

“The Government is serious about full and frank discussions with its stakeholders, which is why this survey has been coupled with a comprehensive stakeholder engagement program with key industry players and a series of injured workers forums.”

Minister Perrottet also released an online video of a recent injured workers forum in Sydney where key WorkCover executives and the Minister heard directly from injured workers about their experiences.

“The forum was about reaching out to the individuals who experience the system on a day to day basis but whose stories are rarely told. The video provides the faces and voices of those who responded to the survey and a snapshot of some of the issues they raised.”

“Whether it’s reskilling and education, better access to information, better interaction with scheme agents, or improved access to transition benefits, it is clear the NSW Government has a lot more work to do in this space.”

“I have asked WorkCover NSW to examine these results closely and determine how best to put the customer at the centre of what they do.”

The full results of the customer surveys and qualitative forums will be available next month. The video can be viewed at:


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