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NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet has slammed NSW Labor’s policy agenda following their party’s state conference in Sydney today.

“What we saw from Labor today are plans for higher taxes, wasteful spending and bigger bureaucracy – a comprehensive plan for failure.

“There was absolutely nothing about creating jobs, building infrastructure or growing the economy.

“This is a typical Labor conference – a lot of talk, a lot of promises – and absolutely no way to fund any of it. Labor know how to promise everything, but deliver nothing.

“Luke Foley today claimed Labor exists for the workers. But you can’t be a worker if you don’t have a job – and it is the Liberal-Nationals that have delivered the lowest unemployment rate in the country and record jobs growth across the state.

“The people most guilty of wage theft are Luke Foley and Labor for destroying jobs wherever they go.

“Last time Labor were in government, our economy was the laughing stock of the nation. Unemployment was higher here than the rest of Australia, and our entire state ground to a halt.

“They have clearly learnt nothing from this experience and are now doubling down on failure.

“The business community of NSW is in clear and present danger from Labor, targeted for more taxes, more regulation and more union interference. The biggest threat to jobs and prosperity in this state is the NSW Labor party.”

Mr Perrottet also attacked Labor for being fundamentally disconnected from the concerns of mainstream Australia.

“The working families of Western Sydney are not concerned with mandating gender neutral pronouns, demonising our ally Israel or changing the date of Australia Day – but these are all on Labor’s politically correct agenda.

“This is nothing more than an indulgent weekend of ideological fantasies that they expect taxpayers to fund.

“In contrast, the Liberal-National Government has created hundreds and thousands of jobs, returned the NSW economy to number one in the country, got the budget back in surplus and implemented the biggest infrastructure agenda in our history – the practical policies that make a positive difference to people’s lives.

“The people of NSW need real world solutions to real world problems – and they will never get them from NSW Labor.”

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