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Bio & Achievements

A little background

Dominic grew up in the Hills District and was educated at Redfield College and Oakhill College before graduating from Sydney University with a Commerce/Law degree.

Before entering parliament, Dominic worked as a Solicitor at Henry Davis York Lawyers in the areas of banking restructuring and insolvency law.

At university, Dominic became involved in student politics and served as a member of the Student Representative Council and was elected president of the Sydney University Liberal Club. He was also elected as the President of the NSW Young Liberal Movement and served on the State Executive of the NSW Liberal Party.

In March 2015 Dominic was elected as the State Member for Hawkesbury (having been elected as the State Member for Castle Hill in 2011) and in April 2015 was appointed as the State Minister for Finance, Services and Property.

In January 2017 Dominic was elected Deputy Leader of the NSW Liberal Party and appointed State Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations.

In 2019, Dominic was elected as the State Member for Epping and was reappointed as the NSW Treasurer.

Dominic is married to Helen and they are the proud parents of Charlotte, Amelia, Annabelle, William and Harriet.



Dominic has been involved a range of initiatives within government, aimed at introducing fair policy that improves lives, making better use of taxpayer money and assets and delivering the next generation of services.

Finding Savings for Taxpayers

Dominic believes the core business of state governments is policy, regulation and delivering the infrastructure and services that people need. As Finance Minister, Dominic has looked to get the government out of businesses they shouldn’t be involved in and run the business of government more efficiently.

  • Key achievements:
    • Exited the government run car fleet, moving to a panel arrangement where the government leases rather than owns vehicles, freeing up over $1bn in capital over four years [Link]
    • Exited from government run IT support business which has now transitioned to the business community, saving $60m and maintaining a strong Western Sydney Jobs presence [Link]
    • Closed an expected $300m black hole in the budget, by transitioning NSW Public Works to a strategic advisory function [Link]
    • Assisted the Treasurer in reforming Land & Property Information into regulatory and operational divisions, maintaining the integrity of the titling system while the business community will be responsible for more efficient operations [Link]
    • Actively pursued a range of procurements savings initiatives, saving over $450m through ideas like new travel management contracts and better value frameworks for consulting services [Link]
    • Encouraged SME participation in NSW procurement, by requiring agencies to seek at least one SME quote for contracts up to $1m [Link]
    • Kick started the government’s corporate card program, to rollout corporate cards across the public sector [Link]

Smart Use of Assets

Before increasing the burden on taxpayers or borrowing more money, Dominic believes the government has an obligation to make better use of its assets. As Minister responsible for Government Property, Dominic has driven an agenda of asset recycling, leasing property the government does not need to own and reinvesting the proceeds in new assets, public infrastructure and heritage protection.

  • Key achievements
    • Led the government’s property asset utilisation strategy, with over $1bn of property assets recycled and a further $1bn in the pipeline, with most of the proceeds allocated to Restart NSW for use in infrastructure investment [Link]
    • Progressed the long term leases of Millers Point properties, raising $200m so far to boost social housing for vulnerable families [Link]
    • Integrated Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) into Property NSW and progressed sale and lease of SHFA assets for a $200m upgrade of Circular Quay [Link]
    • Committed $2 million to Minister’s Stoneworks Program to restore and preserve heritage icons in NSW
    • Shifted bureaucrats out of the Sandstone buildings on Bridge St and opened them up to the public by converting them into luxury hotels on long term leases [Link]
    • Assisted in the sale listing of the old Newcastle courthouse to reinvest proceeds into NSW Department of Justice initiatives. [Link]
    • Assisted in the transaction of the old court at Bidura for $33m and reinvested proceeds to a new Surry Hills Courthouse [Link]
    • Assisted in driving the Decade of Decentralisation project, with 1,920 bureaucrats shifted to Sydney’s West and 38,000 sqm of CBD office space given up [Link]
    • Announced the biggest ever government agency leasing commitment, with up to 62,000 sqm of new A-Grade office accomodation in Western Sydney. [Link]
    • Oversaw the relocation of government offices from Governor Macquarie Tower to Martin Place, saving $90m over 12 years [Link]
    • Opened The Goods Line, an innovative urban corridor and open space that links Railway Square to Darling Harbour [Link]
    • Relocated over 300 public servants from the Department of Finance, Services and Innovation to Gosford [Link]
    • Invested $73m over four years to protect Sydney’s Harbour Heritage, including renewal works at Pyrmont Bridge, Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour [Link]
    • Delivered a 7,000 sqm public park at Macquarie Park [Link]
    • Repurchased the cliff top land above the Luna Park site after good faith negotiations with the operators, returning the site as a brand new public park overlooking the harbour [Link]
    • Invested $2m to boost the Minister’s Stone Program to support heritage restoration projects [Link]
    • Invested $15m to revitalise heritage retail tenancies in The Rocks precinct [Link]
    • Working with Property NSW and the Department of Family & Community Services to redevelop the site of the Sirius building in The Rocks, with the proceeds allocated to delivering another 300 social houses [Link]

21st Century customer Service

Dominic believes there is no reason that citizens should receive poor customer service from government departments. Rather than designing processes around government, they should be designed around our citizens, with transactions simple, easy and convenient and available when people want and how they want.

  • Key Achievements
    • Led the rollout of Service NSW one stop shops, which consolidated 1,000 transactions from 16 agencies into one place [Link]
    • Launched the Service NSW app with mobile transactions and paying your fines via the app [Link]
    • Launched first tranche of digital licences (Recreational Fishing Fee, Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible Conduct of Gambling Competency Cards) in Australia [Link]
    • Delivered the single MyServiceNSW portal for online and mobile government transactions, linking to multiple government agencies [Link]
    • Announced real time waiting queue data would be available to citizens online [Link]
    • Introduced dedicated Service NSW Driver Test Centres with online test booking [Link]
    • Announced the Digital Licences project, delivering the first tranche of digital licences in 2016 [Link]
    • Launched the Commissioning & Contestability Unit with the Treasurer, to work with other agencies to clearly define customer centric services and determine how to best deliver them [Link]
    • Announced the ability to renew driver’s licences online [Link]
    • Announced the ability to complete most popular vehicle transactions on their mobile devices via the Service NSW app [Link]
    • Became the first Government to adopt Android Pay in all Service NSW centres [Link]
    • Secured St Albans tower to expand mobile coverage and improve safety for residents in St Albans and Macdonald Valley [Link]

Supporting Innovation

Dominic believes there is significant room for improvement in how the public sector operates, especially in digitising transactions and leveraging social, mobile and cloud technologies

  • Key Achievements
    • Launched the Open Government Community of Practice to foster open and transparent data practices in government [Link]
    • Launched the Open Data Dashboard to better help the community engage with NSW Government data [Link]
    • Invested $22m to drive the digitisation of archives at the State Records Authority [Link]
    • Launched the revised NSW Government ICT Strategy Digital+, with a focus on Digital Government [Link]
    • Opened the second stage of the government data centres, GovDC [Link]
    • Introduced a range of cloud based services into the Government Data centre [Link]
    • Announced the introduction of .sydney web addresses [Link]
    • Introduced car-sharing trials across governments, rather than owning fleet vehicles [Link]
    • Announced an investment in a new whole of government payments system, to support contemporary and emerging payment methods [Link]
    • Launched the Government Operational Communications Strategy to enhance frontline telecommunications capabilities in NSW [Link]
    • Made property sales history data from the LPI available in an open format and on the NSW Globe [Link]
    • Became the first Minister to allow his department to make use of ride-sharing services like Uber [Link]
    • Appointed the the government’s first Government Chief Information and Digital Officer [Link]
    • Invested $63m to consolidate and improve NSW Government’s operational communications network [Link]
    • Commenced an internal modernisation program, instructing his department to disconnect all fax lines and eliminate the use of cheques [Link]
    • Oversaw the first NSW Government Department to display budget data in an open format through Budget Visualisation Tool (BVT) [Link]
    • Launched an e-conveyancing program across NSW as part of a multi-stage program [Link]

Fair Policy that Improves Lives

Dominic believes that governments can do good by doing well. He has been instrumental in ensuring a person-centred approach is reflected in the government’s insurance organisations, running them in a fair and sustainable manner

  • Key Achievements
    • Led the response to the Mr Fluffy Asbestos crisis, launching a demolition and rebuild program for affected NSW residents [Link]
    • Announced a $2m injection for the In-Voc program, a return to work initiative for people who have suffered spinal cord injuries [Link]
    • Opened the John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research at the Royal North Shore Hospital campus, to promote better practice for those injured in motor vehicle accidents [Link]
    • Delivered a $1bn insurance reform package with increased benefits for workers, lower premiums and premium discounts to the value of $200m [Link]
    • Created iCare, a new $25bn government insurance entity with a mandate to operate with ‘a commercial mind and a social heart’ by putting people at the centre [Link]
    • Launched new mentoring program Back on Track with Paralympians and delivered by icare [Link]
    • Announced icare (insurance and care NSW) as a major partner of the Australian Paralympic Committee [Link]
    • More than halved average processing times of asbestos disease compensation claims through Dust Disease Care (icare) reforms. [Link]
    • Announced icare (insurance and care NSW) as a major partner of the Australian Paralympic Committee. [Link]
    • Introduced major reforms to deliver a fairer, more balanced and transparent land aquisition process in NSW.  [Link]
    • Led major overhaul of the mine subsidence compensation system in NSW and oversaw the creation of citizen-focused Subsidence Advisory NSW. [Link]

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