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1 day ago

Dominic Perrottet MP

NSW Liberal Party
It’s very clear that Michael Daley and Labor, have done a preference deal with Robert Borsak’s Shooter’s Party.

The Shooters Party was arguing only a short while ago for a repeal of the 1996 National Gun Control Agreement.

It’s very clear that if Labor were to win, the Shooters would put enormous pressure on them to water down that agreement.

And that would be at a great cost to community safety.

What that preference deal demonstrates, is that Labor will do anything to buy a vote, and it’s a reason not to reward that kind of attitude.

So vote Liberal or Nationals and make sure that we keep our effective, widely acclaimed firearms laws in place. #nswpol #NSWvotes

Authorised by Chris Stone, Liberal Party of Australia, NSW Division, Level 12, 100 William St, East Sydney, NSW 2011
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1 day ago

Dominic Perrottet MP

It concerns me the Labor Leader and his Party have a preference deal with the Shooters.

It concerns me because it legitimises a party who support the reduction or dilution of our gun laws, they support giving access to guns to 10 year olds, they support bringing semi-automatics into NSW.

I don’t stand for that. I never have, I never will.
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